Online Music Lessons

Piano, Voice, & Theory Lessons

Our students have made a successful transition to online learning and are achieving high marks on their online RCM Piano, Voice, and Theory exams.   

Some of our students focus on one discipline but most of them study Piano, Voice, & Theory. Learning all three disciplines together helps to create strong musical connections that contribute to high levels of success in performances, exams, and auditions.  

Musical Genres

Students learn many musical styles including (in alphabetical order) Alternative styles, Classical, Country, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pop, & Rock.  Each student will find a style that becomes their main focus, but learning many styles helps to stretch the mind to incorporate many techniques that make a musician nimble and masterful.  


RCM Exams

Our students participate in exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music.  They routinely achieve First Class Honours and First Class Honours with Distinction.  The preparation of RCM exams provides a solid structure for each season.  The excellent results our students achieve help them to secure positions in the best University music programs in Canada and throughout the world.


Musical Training For Life Skills

Music training, like sports, teach students to appreciate the value of incremental progress over time.  We know that, when our students are successful, they are learning that consistent effort adds up to great results.


Almost every great musician was once a confused, wobbly, messy musician. With good music training, students can learn to have confidence in the process even when they are struggling to master the music. 

Some of our students pursue non-musical careers and they often report that their musical training has helped them to feel confident in their communication skills, and helped them to earn leadership roles in their field.